Lodge Cast Iron remains family owned, family operated business producing the most extensive selection of quality cast iron goods on the market. Lodge now offers an expanded line of cast iron skillets, deep fryers, country kettles and more!


Hottest Items

6.25 Inch Cast Iron Mini Wok

For exotic cuisines or home-spun favorites, the cast iron mini wok retains heat well, making short work of any dish.

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Cast Iron Melting Pot

This cast iron melting pot retains heat to mix, warm, and melt sauces and food. Move from stovetop to the grill with ease.

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Cast Iron Melting Pot with Silicone Brush

The Lodge Cast Iron melting pot retains heat to mix, warm, and melts sauces and food. The Silicone brush allows you to easily baste as you cook.

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36 Ounce Cast Iron Oval Serving Dish

From fine dining to home cooking, Lodge servers add authenticity to any table. This 36 ounce oval serving dish is perfect for shareable sides or even a baked pasta entree´.

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Seasoned Steel

Lodge continues the tradition of quality American products with seasoned steel skillets. Made in the USA out of 100% carbon steel, these skillets hang tough in professional kitchens as well as the campsite. Just like our iron, we season them right at our foundry, so they’re ready to go!

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Skillets and Covers

Everyone from Martha Stewart to Campfire Cook Johnny Nix considers Lodge Foundry Seasoned Cast Iron Skillets essential cooking tools. They are perfect for any cooking method from stovetop to oven.

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Heat Treated Iron

Heat-Treated Iron is made just like our traditional cast iron, and then put though a patented heat treating process that inhibits rust!

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Griddles and Grill Pans

Lodge Cast Iron griddles are perfect for several cooking styles from traditional southern to ethnic cuisines. Our grill pans create tantalizing grill marks on meat or vegetables without having to leave the comforts of your kitchen.

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