Cambro is committed to creating and providing the most durable and highest quality products for the foodservice industry, from drinkware and dinnerware to revolutionary products like the Camrack Warewashing System. Product categories include trays, table service and display items, storage, shelving, merchandising and insulated transport products, warewashing systems and healthcare meal delivery solutions.


Cambro offers personalization for a wide range of products to boost brand awareness, increase food safety, reduce cross contamination, promote recipe consistency, and manage inventory.

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Hottest Items

Camshelving Pegboard Storage System

Introducing the first NSF-listed plastic pegboard for commercial kitchens – the Camshelving® Pegboard Storage System. Use with stationary and mobile Camshelving® to store frequently used light duty items, such as lids, tongs, spoons, ladles, and spatulas. Eliminate unsanitary storage and free up valuable shelf space with a one-stop solution. The ¼” (6.35 mm) thick plastic pegboard is extremely durable and stable, resisting dents, rust, and corrosion. A textured matte black finish offers the Pegboard System a clean look no matter the wear and tear.

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GoBag Delivery Backpack

Enjoy extraordinary quality from kitchen to customer, with the Cambro GoBag Delivery Backpack. Delivery personnel can walk or ride hands-free with a choice of two backpack sizes to help food arrive safe and delicious. High-density insulation maintains safe temperatures and freshness inside, with a durable, waterproof exterior for a clean presentation. Comfortable and secure, the Backpack features side-mounted hand straps and adjustable padded shoulder straps with a chest buckle. Safely separate meal items with the included divider, and store utensils, receipts, and other necessities in the large side pocket. Personalize your Delivery Backpack with your logo to help promote your brand while on the go. Gain peace of mind that comes from Cambro quality with the new GoBag Backpack.

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Decor Series CamTrays

Feature a modern-rustic interior look and feel, and still enjoy the long-lasting durability of the classic Camtray. The Décor Series Camtrays are made with the appearance and touch of authentic woodgrain texture. Available in standard woodgrain textured surface and non-skid surface with clear EpicTread solution for safer handling, reducing accidental spills. Designed from fiberglass material, the Camtray is the industry standard for unmatched durability. Personalize this modern tray with a full color digital design to enhance brand recognition.

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StaySafe Tamper Evident Labels

Take the worry out of delivery and offer customers peace of mind with StaySafe Tamper Evident Labels. Designed for kitchen staff to apply and customers to remove, single-use Tamper Evident Labels are perforated to break upon opening. This ensures at-a-glance confidence during transport and hand-off of meals and drinks. The StaySafe adhesive sticks to most container surfaces without unsanitary residue, including Cam GoBoxes®. Use 1 label for clamshell containers and 2 labels for other container types for an effective seal. Packaging allows for convenient dispensing through a cutout slot and prevents tearing or unrolling. An effective tamper prevention solution that is applied easily and quickly, ideal for kitchens prioritizing consumer safety.

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Pro Cart Ultra™ – Electric

The Pro Cart Ultra™ is the ultimate food transport cart that can hold all your hot and cold menu items in the same cart, at the same time!

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CAMBRO Vending Cart

The next generation in mobile food vending, the CVC75 Vending Cart configures for day-to-day menu changes and best safety practices.

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Delivery GoBags®

Ensure a secure and tasty delivery experience with the Cambro GoBag, available in the perfect fit for every meal! These unbeatable catering bags offer high density insulation to protect food temperature and quality from kitchen to table.

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Camshelving Premium® Series Flex Stations

With 5 different configurations to meet take-out, delivery, and curbside staging needs, the new Mobile Flex Stations offer customized safety and accessibility.

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Air Curtain Ultra™

The Air Curtain Ultra maintains food and beverage temperatures at 41°F or below for up to 2 hours with the door open. Designed with a smooth stainless-steel exterior and interior, with easy-to-clean covered corners for a professional look.

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Ultimate #10 Can Rack

The Ultimate #10 Can Rack is simply a better way to store canned foods, made from the same durable plastic materials as Elements Series Camshelving.

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Tablotherm Meal Delivery System

Lightweight individual meal delivery system makes transportation easy and convenient. Maintain safe temperatures for hot and cold foods in one unit.

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10 Tray Dual Access Meal Delivery Cart

The ergonomic Dual Access Meal Delivery Cart has two doors on the opposite sides, eliminating the reaching for trays in the back of the cart.

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Ultimate Sheet Pan Rack

A reliable, long-lasting solution for sheet pan transport and holding, the Ultimate Sheet Pan is designed from the same durable, rust proof material as the Elements Series Camshelving.

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Service Cart Pro

The Service Cart Pro is the multi-purpose mobile solution suitable for any food service operation. Modern in design with a superior weight capacity to traditional carts, this durable service cart can be used front and back of house.

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FLIP LID CAM GoBox® Flip Lid

Access only the items you need while keeping the contents of your GoBox secure with the new Cam GoBox Flip Lid. This durable hinged lid fits most Cam GoBox Top Loading Transporters and is specially designed for hot and cold mobile meal delivery.

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